A Guide to Choosing Your Dive Watches

A scuba diving watch is basically a wrist watch that is adequately waterproof. It must be able to hold up the pressure of the deep waters which divers plunge into.

Dive watches are an essential apparatus, apart from making a statement that the wearer is a diver or the purposes of style. They serve as a gauge of time, telling the diver when to resurface and the required interval for every dive.

So if you are suiting up for your first dive, you would not want to leave behind your dive watch.

What Makes a Good Dive Watch

What Makes a Good Dive Watch?

Here are some pointers for you as you rummage through dive watches stores. These will help you narrow down your selections and zero in on one choice for your dive watch.

Extremely Water-Resistant

Your choice of dive watch should be designed, structured and constructed with enough strength to be able to attain water resistance level of at least 200 meters, if not more.

Stainless steel and titanium are the most popularly preferred materials for dive watches. This is because they are highly tolerant of and bear up the intensive pressures of the underwater. They are also known for their strength and resistance to rusting and erosion.

The crown and the case back of dive watches are most susceptible to being permeated with water. So pick the one which uses a screw down locking mechanism. This is deemed most dependable to provide an extra tight seal.

Your dive watch also has to have a crystal protection that is not easily broken.

Choosing Your Dive Watches

High Quality Bezel

Another vital spare part of dive watches is the bezel which borders the crystal of the watch.

Prior to a diving session, the bezel is aligned to the current minute and moves as your diving time elapses. The most serviceable bezel is one which moves only in one direction for the purpose of accuracy in the measurement of time.

It has to be very secure and without any mechanical issues that would make it move in the opposite direction instead when diving into deeper waters. Dial’s that erratically move backward result in miscalculations which can either make you surface earlier or late. Surfacing late is the more dangerous oversight.

Legibility Under Water

The hands, the hour markers and the dial face of the dive watch that you choose must have exquisite illumination. For the purpose of clarity in reading it in an instant underwater. With the rather darker recesses of the ocean which you will be diving into, you will need to be able to see clearly still.

Your dive watch is more than an identifying character to your being officially a licensed diver. It is more than an accessory to match your diving suit and other gear. It is in existence to be worn for the purpose of your safety.

Before anything else, take into account the durability of the components of the dive watch which you will be choosing. This is regardless of the brand, and regardless of the style. It does not have to be fancy; it has to useful and enduring of the pressure of the waters down in the ocean.

There are a great lot of dive watch brands for you to choose from and even some of the best dive watches under 100 already make for superb, long-lasting kind dive watches.