All About Leather Scuba Jacket Style BCDs: A Guide

The most common types of buoyancy control device (BCD) or buoyancy compensator (BC) is the jacket style and leather scuba jacket style BCDs are rather popular and the more preferred ones owing to the material.

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advantages of leather scuba jacket

Why Scuba Jacket Style BCDs Are the More Common Choice

Scuba jacket style BCDs are the more common choice particularly among recreational divers and new divers who are for the most part only in the training phase.

Scuba jacket style BCDs include an air bladder that is wrapped around the lower rib cage of the diver and integrated into the front from behind. This feature of scuba jackets allows for a great vertical stability when on the surface of the waters.

This comfortable and near effortless vertical stability is derived from the sash-like cumberbund which is secured with a Velcro around the waist area. These scuba jackets also allow for you to easily recline and rest on your back when surface swimming at a short distance.

For the new divers, scuba jacket style BCDs are the more common choice because they assist the newbies in learning proper neutral buoyancy during the dive sessions.

Because the diver can feel the heightened amount of air inside the air bladder of the scuba jacket style BCD when they press on the power inflator button, they can better and much faster get acquainted with how much air it will take to affect and alter buoyancy.

The lift capacities of these scuba or vest jackets are fitting for warm and cool water environments alike.

The Advantages of Using Leather Scuba Jacket for Recreational Diving

The Large Pocketsb

A leather scuba jacket often conveniently has large, easily accessible pockets on either sides of the lower part in front of the BCD which are excellent and handy for storage of other scuba necessities such as pocket masks and torches.

These pockets on a leather scuba jacket make for a great alternative to carrying pouches or wearing a weight harness. In case of the need for an emergency ascent, these pockets will make it easier for the diver to drop weights and discard the items inside them.

Easy Donning and Shedding

Since the straps and the cumberbund are easily attached and integrated with the use of Velcro, a leather scuba jacket allows for the diver to quickly put it on and release thereafter.

scuba jacket for new divers

Easy Deflation

A leather scuba vest style BC can be more easily and quickly deflated allowing for the straps that press against the chest section of the jacket to fill with air.

Moreover, the sleeveless leather scuba jacket style BCD comes in numerous sizes and shapes so you can always find the right fit for you. Its variants are also gender-specific making them fit any body type of both male and female divers.

With regards to the material, scuba or vest jacket BC made out of leather are unquestionably durable, more flexible, eco-friendly, and breathable.